Halloween Dino-chick-shark-bird-drago-saurus

Chicken, shark, angry bird, dragon. I was any and all of these things last night including dinosaur which was my original intent.

I went all Martha Stewart this year and made my own costume. I went to the craft store; took out the sewing machine; and measured twice, cut once. So what nifty costume did I make?

Well, not Barney exactly, but a dinosaur. Yes, a costume typically chosen by a six-year old boy; that’s me. Why? Because I thought it would be cheap, easy, quirky and warm. Plus, my friend had done this a few years ago and I had borrowed the costume and thought I could make my own version.

Halloween 2010: Sporting Bethany’s Dinosaur in Queens, NY with Top Gun

It was definitely warm since it is just a hooded sweatshirt with stegosaurus felt spikes sewn on. It was really cheap – less than $15 all together. Not if you count my labor – that would just shoot it up to hundreds. And it’s definitely quirky with googly eyes and spiked teeth on the hood; though it might be confusing. 

After I was done, I put on my costume and asked my dad what he thought I was. He responsed, “Nice chicken costume.” GAH. I am not a chicken! Don’t these spiky teeth look intimidating and Jurassic Park-like? 
Halloween 2011: Me with another dinosaur; clearly a real one. 

And the guessing game continued. I heard shark from my doorman. Angry birds from a bunch of people at this party. Next came dragon. Dinosaur was guessed here and there. Basically I made the best indiscriminate animal costume that lent itself to a night of drunken conjectures.


Now this is clearly a pumpkin. Me circa elementary school with my cousin as ? 


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