Failed French Macarons – Le Sigh

I have a list of food resolutions for 2011.

I know, who does that?
Anyways, one of the items on the list is to make macarons!
Well at least I didn’t write down “successfully make macarons.”
What a disaster. I hate macarons and the French for their baking concoction. 
Ugh, no I don’t hate the French and I love macarons.  
Here’s how it went down:
For starters, I did not use a scale. BUT before you throw your hands up and point fingers, when I was doing my macaron research on other blogger’s attempts, the Martha Stewart version (provided in cups and not ounces) proved to be successful for many.  So I thought it was possible. 
I was feeling confident when I started to whip up my egg whites. I had read BraveTart’s Top 10 Macaron Myths so I was not obsessed with aging the egg whites or waiting to mix in the sugar. I started off with the sugar, salt and egg whites in my stand mixer. And it came out beautiful:
Adding in the pumpkin spice to make these macarons for Halloween.
That’s when I got too smug thinking this would actually be easy. 
Folding the almond-powdered sugar mixture into the egg whites was a work out! My right arm is still sore. 
When it came time to pipe, I was having a hard time making even circles on the silicone liner. Then came the slamming and resting of the pan. I popped the tray into a 350 degree F oven wedging a wooden spoon at the oven door to keep it ajar. 
Moment of truth…

Some have feet but they all turned out pretty crappy.

You can see some come out darker than others. I will need to calibrate my oven…

And my next batch didn’t have feet at all – @#$!
So that was my night. Pretty frustrating. 
I did however salvage the egg yolks to make chocolate pudding. Also from Martha Stewart. It is in my fridge now chilling. I’m looking forward to something coming out right!
I will attempt macarons again. Perhaps when my scale comes. 

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