Evaluate Your Life Day

Today, October 19th, is Evaluate Your Life Day. How is everybody celebrating?! Seriously, it’s a real holiday. I just found out today. Who makes up this stuff? Kind of a cheesy title, but I like the concept. We’re supposed to think about our lives and if we’re happy or not and if not, what we can do to make things better. Sounds like something we should do all the time.

My Life Evaluation Pros & Cons List

*No cankles
*Pretty good metabolism
*Family and Friends who love me
*Well-fed, days are filled with chocolate
*I have a job that keeps me off the streets
*In driving distance of the most beautiful places in the U.S.

*Current life devoid of good bagels and pizza (I know, here I go again. Sorry but the bagels and pizzas are so underwhelming out here. And P.S. why is a large pie $22+? That’s insane.)
*Cannot eat fried food until end of this year. My own doing. A bet I made with Chris. Curse me!
*I play with numbers all day and am craving a creative outlet.
*Far away from Kara, my favorite corgi, and far away from the comfortable life I knew

It might not be a bad thing to not have good bagels and pizza. Especially since the produce is amazing here.  Plus, I can appreciate carbs more when I am back home.  And I shouldn’t be eating fried foods anyways.  Mental note – set time aside for arts and crafts.  I do miss my dog a lot and all my friends and family.  I have been home every two months since moving so I am happy about that. All in all, I am very fortunate to lead the life I lead. I don’t think I would have done anything different including all the mistakes I’ve made.

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