Hello and Goodbye Fall


I am in NY for a childhood friend’s wedding and I am soaking up what I can of my favorite season. The leaves are changing colors and people are in an apple-picking frenzy.

I got to enjoy a beautiful wedding; see family and friends; eat pizza, real pizza AND bagels. Bagels in all their yeasty glory. It was magnificent.

One of my favorite memories growing up was playing in a pile of leaves. I know, sounds so unsophisticated. Especially to children today who are running around with their iPads, wondering why their TV is not a touch screen.  But a pile of leaves is quintessential fall. I’d jump in one right now if I could.

My sister and cousin playing in leaves.

Me in the middle! Circa high school years.

I asked my cousin who just moved from the L.A. area to NY if she ever missed the seasons living out West.  She said, “No, we had the best one.”


I still love fall.

Back to SF until December. Maybe I will change my tune when I return to NY in winter…


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