Brussels Sprouts Salad Tossed with Maple Balsamic and Granola

Brussels sprouts, a vegetable of questionable desire.  Although in the cabbage family, I feel they are much more finicky than their green leafy cousins.  They’re easy to overcook and they don’t pair well with a lot of things.  I starting eating them a couple years ago when I first tried some that was cooked in bacon. YUM. What on earth wouldn’t taste amazing paired with bacon?  I would have typically prepared brussels sprouts with bacon but I was looking to do something different. A good friend gave me maple flavored balsamic vinegar when she came to visit.

She’s Canadian, can you tell?

I knew I could use it with brussels sprouts after being inspired by the warm brussels sprouts salad from The First Mess.  It was pretty easy to put together. 

I sliced up some red onion and garlic; washed, trimmed and chopped up brussels sprouts.   
After raiding my cabinets, I found some granola that I got at a farmer’s market that I thought would add a nice crunch.   
I also drizzled some honey to counter the acidity of the balsamic. It came out well! 
I served it with some baked sweet and spicy chicken wings and rice. Delicious! 

Brussels Sprouts Salad Tossed with Maple Balsamic and Granola

  • 1 pound Brussels Sprouts, rinsed, trimmed and chopped
  • ½ of a small Red Onion, diced
  • 1 garlic clove, smashed or minced
  • Canola Oil
  • ½ teaspoon Paprika
  • Maple Flavored Balsamic Vinegar
  • Honey
  • Granola

*Heat a skillet over medium heat. When warm, add in a couple swirls of canola oil enough to coat the pan. (I’ve found that this is the best way to not burn things when cooking them in oil. If the oil is too hot, you will sear whatever is in the pan instead of having them cook evenly.)
*Add in the red onions and garlic. Cook for a few minutes until soft.
*Add in the paprika and cook for a couple minutes.
*Add the chopped brussels sprouts with a tablespoon of water. This will create steam and wilt the brussels sprouts. Once the sprouts are wilted and bright green remove from heat.
*Season with salt and pepper and drizzle about a tablespoon of the maple balsamic. I added a teaspoon of honey also to sweeten it up.
*Lastly, I added in granola for the crunch factor. This could easily be substituted with nuts.

Toss, serve and enjoy!

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